Saturday, November 10, 2007

Unit Celebration Unit 1

We are currently using Tapestry of Grace Curriculum. We just completed Unit 1 of Year 3. We work during the week on our assignments as a family. We read books set in the time period we are studying. We also watch videos, make maps, write reports to help each of the children to understand that time period more clearly.

On Friday we meet with another family who is also using TOG. Michele and I coordinate our schedules so that we when coop on Friday we can have some larger group activities to complete each week's study. The children also discuss the literature selections for the week.

(Two visitors from South America shared about the plants and animals found in their country. They also told us of the important man Simon Bolivar was in South America's history.)

This unit we studied American History from George Washington to James Monroe. We also took a short sojourn to South America where we learned about their culture, the land and the historical happenings during this time period. We have learned a lot!

At the completion of Unit I we wanted to show the Dads all that we have been doing so we had a Unit Celebration. We spent our Friday afternoon preparing foods from South America. We have friends who have lived in South America and they were so kind to share recipes with us.

That night the families gathered and we ate our authentic South American dinner. We all agreed we enjoyed the foods from South America much more than we had enjoyed the foods from Iraq's unit study!

(Thomas Jefferson's daughter, Martha, joined us and told of her father's important role in writing the Declaration of Independence. She also told how he had the vision to expand America and how our country grew through the Louisiana Purchase.)

After dinner, the children all disappeared to dress for the evening. We were treated to a panoramic display of Unit 1. We had all sorts of visitors who gave all of us insights into the late 1700's.

Dolly Madison also came to visit us. She told about her exciting life as First Lady and how she helped to save important paintings in the White House when the British desired to destroy it during the War of 1812. She told us how her husband was a shy man but a very wise man and how he helped to forge many of America's foundations.

We were treated to a very good explanation about the branches of our Federal Government. We learned how each branch has its own responsibility and how when each branch operates as it should, it provides a system of checks and balances that are to protect our freedoms.

The evening not only provided a wealth of information but it also gave the children an opportunity to speak in front of others. They each had to prepare their own presentation but were encouraged to use their imaginations. There were displays, speeches, reports and reenactments. The night was a huge success!

Our coop group:

Front Row: James Monroe, Uncle Sam, Martha Washington and John Adams.

Second Row: Meriwether Lewis, Juan from South America, Martha Jefferson, Dolly Madison

Back Row: Rosa from South America, an American narrator and William Lewis and Sacagewea.


Marsha said...

Wow! The dads must have been quite impressed with all of the visitors and the wealth of knowledge they shared. It must have been a very special evening from the way you've described it and from the photos!

Marsha, TLT list

Yonit said...

Looks like it was a great event! Great job on all the hard work you - and the kids - put into it! I am sure they will always remember it.

Yonit, TLT list

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